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President Museveni Urges African Independence at Commonwealth Speakers Conference


In a compelling address at the Commonwealth Speakers Conference (CSPOC24) on January 4, 2024, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni passionately called upon Africa to liberate itself from the lingering shadows of colonial policies hindering the continent’s progress. The event, hosted by the Parliament of Uganda and convened by Speaker Rt. Hon. Anita Among, took place at the picturesque Commonwealth Resort in Munyonyo, Kampala.

President Museveni delivered a resonating call for Africa to chart its own developmental path, highlighting the constraints imposed by inherited foreign policies. His speech emphasized the urgency of addressing internal challenges, promoting self-sufficiency, and breaking free from dependency on external solutions.

The President’s powerful message resonated with attendees, sparking a renewed sense of determination for African nations to assert their independence. Museveni’s focus on internal problem-solving over external dependency struck a chord, igniting discussions on social, economic, and political platforms across the continent.

As news of the speech spread, reactions poured in from various quarters, with many lauding Museveni’s call for a paradigm shift. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions on the implications of breaking away from historical constraints, fostering engagement on the future trajectory of African nations.

The hashtag #AfricaIndependence trended globally as users shared their perspectives on the challenges faced by the continent and the potential impact of embracing self-reliance. Influencers, activists, and citizens alike joined the conversation, contributing to a diverse range of opinions and ideas for shaping Africa’s future.

International leaders and organizations also responded to President Museveni’s address, recognizing the importance of empowering African nations to forge their destinies. The call for unity in tackling internal issues struck a chord with the global community, fostering a dialogue on collaborative efforts to support Africa’s self-determined development.

The Commonwealth Speakers Conference became a focal point for a broader conversation on post-colonial Africa, with media outlets, think tanks, and academia exploring the implications of President Museveni’s vision. Op-eds and analysis pieces dissected the challenges and opportunities presented, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in achieving true independence.

President Museveni’s address at CSPOC24 has set the stage for a transformative dialogue on Africa’s future. The resonance of his message echoes beyond the conference halls, inspiring a collective reflection on the path towards genuine independence and self-driven development.


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