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Top Flight Schools in Africa

Africa’s aviation industry has seen immense growth over the years. With increased demand for flight, connectivity within the continent and to the rest of the world, it is only right that there is an equivalent growth in the number of pilots available. Thankfully, there are schools within the continent where individuals can receive adequate training to become licensed pilots. That’s right. If you’ve dreamt of taking on the skies, you don’t have to travel outside Africa to be able to do that.

Here are some flight schools in Africa that offer world-class training.

·         Ethiopian Aviation Academy

Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA) is a part of Africa’s top airline, Ethiopian Airlines Group. The academy was dubbed Africa’s largest aviation academy by CNN in 2016. The academy is approved by aviation authorities such as European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), and Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority. The Academy consists of a pilot training school which was established in 1964, as well as centres for flight crew and maintenance crew training. Thousands of students from all over the continent – and beyond – go to study at EAA’s world-class facility every year.

·         Avcon Jet Africa

Avcon Jet Africa is ranked among the world’s top aviation training centres. The centre was established in 2013 at Grand Central Airport, a privately owned airfield in South Africa. They offer training for private (PPL) and commercial (CPL), and Airline (ATPL) pilot licenses, along with instrument rating (IFR) in a fleet of standard aircraft.

·         Aeronav Academy Ltd.

Aeronav Academy is another top aviation training centre in South Africa. The academy launched its flight training program in 2005, however, they also offer other ground school lectures for pilots. The academy operates flights from Lanseria International Airport in Johannesburg.

·         Kenya School of Flying

Kenya School of Flying is a professional pilot training centre with 4 campuses in Kenya – its main one being in Nairobi. Since its inception in 1992, the school has trained over 1,000 pilots in CPL and PPL courses. Its pilot training programmes have durations ranging from 4 to 12 months. It also has a 6-week multi-engine/ instrument rating programme and a holiday private flight training programme high school students can partake in.

·         Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, Zaria

NCAT is one of Nigeria’s top flight schools. For over 50 years, the college has trained over 2,000 aviation professionals from Nigeria and beyond. Their aviation training programs, which include flight training, meet International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards. The college also offers computer equipment maintenance and satellite communication courses. Their fleet comprises over 20 standard twin engine and single engine aircraft.

·         Egyptian Aviation Academy

Established in 1931, Egyptian Aviation Academy is Egypt’s oldest aviation training centre. The academy is made up of a flight school, an Air Traffic Control (ATC) College and an aviation management training college. It was the first academy to be approved by Egypt’s Ministry of Civil Aviation as a regional training centre in Africa and the Middle East. It has since trained students from countries in these regions, such as Tanzania, Nigeria, Sudan, Kuwait and so on. Upon graduation, students from the pilot programmes can opt to get a jet rating license to aid their transition from light aircraft to large commercial aircraft.


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