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Uganda Prepares for 6th National Population and Housing Census in 2024


Kampala, Uganda (TAE)– The Government of Uganda has announced the commencement of the 6th National Population and Housing Census, an ambitious program slated to begin on May 10, 2024. This census is a significant step towards achieving Uganda’s Vision 2040, as it is set to provide critical data necessary for planning and development across various sectors.

As outlined in a recent statement, the census will gather data essential for government, private sector, cultural and religious institutions, civil society, and development partners. The information collected will inform the delivery of services in education, health, and transport among others, at both national and local levels.

Authorities have emphasized the importance of the participation of every household, urging citizens to offer honest information to enumerators. The collected data promises to influence the welfare of all Ugandans and propel the country towards its socio-economic transformation goals.

The call for cooperation extends to political, cultural, religious leaders, private sector players, civil society, the media, and government institutions to support this national project. The successful execution of the census is expected to have a lasting impact on the nation’s planning and resource allocation, directly affecting the well-being of its citizens.

In his message, the authority expressed confidence in the positive outcomes of the census and wished all Ugandans success in this national endeavor. The project not only signifies the nation’s commitment to sustainable development but also reflects its dedication to informed governance and accountability.

With the census date announced, preparations are now underway to ensure that the process is inclusive, accurate, and reflective of the country’s current demographic and housing status. The people of Uganda are thus on the path to contributing to a milestone project that will shape the future of their nation for years to come.


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